The Art Of Thanksgiving – Beauty Unimaginable – Single Dad, Parents Article

As the calendar turns into November, there comes a time to take stock of everything in our lives.  For some, it comes with the harvest.  As people gather all the food they planted during the year to help them make it through the winter, they look to the heavens or earth and are thankful for what came this past year.  Others, have a more religious take on the holidays, remembering to thank their creator for the amazing things which transpired…

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Life Is Beautiful: To 2019, With Love – Single Dad, Parents Article

Half a year is over, and another half the year about to begin.  So many things transpired the last few months, it feels like my life turned upside down with someone bouncing up and down on my head in the meantime.  Why this happened, I have no idea.  Everyone faces challenges in their life.  How we face those challenges define who we are.   So, today I wanted to step back from this year’s craziness and try to look at…

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