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Traveling with Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers (8 Tips) – Parents Article

In this episode: Janet shares ideas for traveling with small children that help us tune in to their perspectives, deepen our parent-child connection, and create a more joyful experience for all. Transcript of “Traveling with Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers (8 Tips)” Hi, this is Janet Lansbury. Welcome to Unruffled. Today I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’m going to try to respond to some of the many questions that I receive around travel with children, whether that be…

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Be Careful What You Teach (It Might Interfere with What They Are Learning) – Parents Article

In this podcast: Janet responds to a question from a caregiver who says the family she works for is interested in teaching their son ABCs and other lessons. The child is sometimes disinterested and refuses to participate, and she wonders: “Is there a respectful approach to teaching children?” Janet responds with an alternative perspective on early childhood learning that focuses on providing the best foundation possible for children to develop their innate abilities and a lifelong love of learning. Transcript…

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3 Steps To Help Children Dress Independently – Parents Article

In this episode: A mom realizes that she and her husband have been helping their 3-year-old to get dressed by actually doing it for him. Recently they’ve taken a step back to allow “ample time for him to do what he can independently,” but he either gives up quickly and demands help, or if they’re patient, he might take an hour to put on his pants. This mom feels they might be missing something that would encourage him to develop…

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