RAD in Foster Care – How Hard It Can Be! – Foster Parents Article

Reactive Attachment Disorder – RAD – in foster care can happen when children fail to attach to their primary caregiver early in life. Janie was 42 and Joe was 50 when two biological half-sisters, ages 3 and 5, made them foster parents in middle Tennessee. This is the foster to adopt story of their family. The birth mom had a number of issues and already had two other children that had been adopted out. Eventually, the birth mom voluntarily relinquished…

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Can I Really Help My Adopted Child? Or Are Genes More Important Than Environment? – Foster Parents Article

We have all heard that “know it all” parent say under their breath, “If that were my child they wouldn’t act like that.” You may hear it at the park, at school functions, and even at church. Every day, parents of children with behavior problems, may ask themselves, “Am I the right parent for this child? If my child were being raised in a different home, would their behavior be different?” As an adoptive parent, I must admit that I…

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