There are many times that you receive your parent's advice and purposely choose to ignore it. This is often because you think they know nothing about things today, whether it is about something as simple as fashion or as complicated as child care.

Experts say that you may only be harming yourself and losing out on some valuable insight if you choose to ignore your parents in that way. One of the most common excuses for not listening to their parenting guidance is that thing called the generation gap. However, while it is true that the world does change constantly, there are some basics that remain the same. There is no substitute for life experiences, which is exactly what your mum and dad have. They have been through trials and errors in many aspects of life.

Today's parents stubbornly refuse to ask for their parent's advice. Often they claim they want to be better parents that the previous generation, so why bother to ask them. Instead they will turn to doctors who do not even have any experience with raising children. Or they will peruse parenting books, yet when it comes down to it many of these books are basically cultural documents that repeat acceptable ideas about the correct way to bring up children.

When first time parents go to their pediatrician asking for advice on everything from sleep habits, discipline and even toilet training, they are looking for someone to tell them how to bring up their child. The problem is that a second or third year pediatric type of residency is completely hospital based; meaning that they have been trained to treat sick kids, not the ones who simply refuse to eat their vegetables. If you think about it most pediatricians have no idea what to do with a healthy baby who doesn't want to take a nap or even what can make a toddler smile.

While getting your parent's advice is indeed valuable, you can also look inward for some of your parenting concerns and questions. Getting to know your kids, staying close to them, listening and paying attention, using common sense and having the ability to stay flexible are all great ways for you to learn what is best for you and your family. It is not wrong to look for help in other parenting resources as they can be a good aid, but remember that you will make mistakes too, perhaps just like your own mum and dad did.

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