Good parenting is the main component that is essential in shaping the future of any child. Hence, there is the need for parents to take up their responsibility and foster the required virtues on their kids by helping their children to be well rounded, and become responsible citizens in the future. The child’s character will basically depend on the values that have been inculcated by the parent or guardian.

Objectives of Good Reporting

It is a smart and prudent move for the parents to identify particular objectives they would like to achieve out of their parenting efforts. Some of the goals that have been identified that can be achieved by proper parenting include; confidence, temperance, honesty, humility, kindness, self-reliance and meticulousness.

Principles of good parenting

There are several schools of thoughts about good parenting. However, the following are some of the fundamental principles of good parenting.

Active involvement in your child’s life: Many of the parents have neglected their parental duties to house maids and school teachers. Parents’ presence in their children’s life is essential in the holistic development of the child. Hence, the parents must have their priorities right and be actively involved in their children’s growth. Most of the juvenile delinquencies cases are attributed to absentee parents.

Setting high standards: There is no way a parent will prevent his or her child from being alcoholic, if the parent himself or herself is an alcoholic, and drink in the presence of the child. Therefore, what the parent does matters a lot. Children always find it easy to copy exactly what their parents do.

Consistency: Several researches conducted across the world by children’s psychologists and social scientists have proved that children tend to be manipulative. For example, if parents set rules for their children and end up bending the rules so as to be accommodating or sympathetic, they will never be taken seriously by their children. Children growing in such environment will learn not to obey rules and may become lawless and unprincipled.

Promote reasoning and self-dependency: The best way to have your children become independent is by reasoning with them. However, you must be clear and let them know the consequences for their actions. This approach enhances intellectual reasoning in children and makes them become confident and accountable.

Good parenting has over time proved to be one of the remedies for anti-social tendencies, drug abuse and addiction, depression, and criminal propensities. Hence, it is the duty of the parents to ensure that they take up their role and give the best due guidance to their children.

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