Backseat Parenting Feeling Frustrating? – Parents Video

A follow up question to our original video “Is Our Child Well-Behaved?”: “I’d have for you is how do you implement this with family or friends interacting with your child who do not have this outlook? My parents were recently visiting and it was really hard to watch when they would interact in a way with my child how they did when they parented me and it really hurt me (creating power struggles or acting dominant over the child). When…

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#PARENTING: Should Parents Be Expected to Help Adult Children? – Parents Video

Responding to a 28 year old channel visitor’s comment under the video “Deborrah Cooper on Parenting: Enabling Adult Children Into Uselessness!” (https://youtu.be/LH0MCLjN868). She is a single Mom of a 2 and a 4 year old, about to graduate who is wondering why her mother won’t let her move in with her for awhile to help ease her burden. Deb explains in detail why the choices we make as adults and the repercussions of those choices are ours and only ours…

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രണ്ടാമതൊരു കുട്ടിക്ക് വേണ്ടിയുള്ള കാത്തിരിപ്പാണോ ..? Secondary Infertility Causes & Success tips – Parents Video

#We_Can’t_Get_Pregnant_Again_Secondary_Infertility_tips Assalamu Alaikum Friends Welcome to My Channel #AbuRifas “Pregnancy & Parenting Tips ” Friends today in this video I will give you information about Secondary Infertility Causes & Success tips If you like my video then hit like button and subscribe to my channel and never forget to press the bell icon 🔔. thanks for watching video #Aburifas Here are Some Videos to boost fertility and get pregnant faster. Cure PCOD or Polycystic Ovary Problem Permanently in 6 Steps…

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