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Korea with (Smaller) Kids – Part I – Parents Article

Seoul is home to some of the most innovative ‘kids cafes’ in the world; if you’re looking to keep the kids occupied for a few hours while you relax, look no further. Here are some of the major ones.Kids CafesKids cafes are mini-theme parks for children, usually between the ages of 2 and 10. Usually located in mall settings, these are spectacularly themed playrooms, ranging from jungle themes to science and technology, some filled with ball pits or other inflatables,…

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Los padres también sufren de Depresión Postparto – Parents Article

Sabemos que 1 de cada 5 madres sufren sentimientos de tristeza o depresión después de dar a luz a su peque, y que dos tercios de las madres se sienten emocionalmente frágiles o por lo contrario, insensibles, dentro de los primeros 10 días de haber dado a luz. Pero las madres no son las únicas que pueden experimentar cambios en su salud mental después de tener a su peque. Una investigación del Instituto Nacional de la Salud sugiere que alguna…

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Advice For Parents – What You Should Know – Parents Article

One of the most common parenting issues is the inability to get their children to listen to them without having to repeat the request several times or yelling at them. Fortunately, experts do have some advice for parents that will help them to change how they react to and manage their child’s behavior. As the person in charge of child care, you are the one that sends the signals to a child, so if you are more consistent in the…

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Never a Dull Moment: Every. Single. Morning. – Foster Parents Article

What do you think about when you first wake up?  Often for me I don’t think about something pleasant.  Whatever stress, guilt, burden, struggle that is happening in my life seems to pop into my mind right away as I transition from sleep to the beginning of my day. This is why these are some of my all time favorite verses from Lamentations 3: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,     his mercies never come to an end;23 they are new every morning;    great…

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Can You Really Make Money Posting Ads on Craigslist? – Single Mum, Parents Article

Let’s face it, not all work from home jobs are legit. Craigslist in particular, has not always gotten the best reputation for offering legitimate opportunities. While I’ve actually found quite a few traditional jobs and home-based flexible gigs from Craigslist, there’s still the possibility of running across a scam. One extra income opportunity that is often in question is whether you can make money posting ads on Craigslist. If so, is this even something that would be worth your time…

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If Only I Can | That Twin Mom – Parenting Twins Article

I am a working mom, who leaves the house at 6am, and arrives home as late as 8pm. Sometimes I still catch them awake and play with them until they fall asleep. And then there are times when they’re already sound asleep and all I could do was kiss them on the cheek and stare at them long before I do my own thing. I am always thankful of my yayas who looks after them when Nayj and I are…

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Child Parenting Advice – Divorce and Children – Parents Article

There can be few things in life as traumatic as a divorce bringing with it a mixture of feelings including anger, betrayal, confusion and uncertainty. It is a time of high emotion and often considerable change as living conditions are altered, finances are affected and normal routines are upset. Divorce is rarely a painless process but, in all cases, it is vital that throughout the process the interests of any children are protected and there are many things that parents…

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5 Ways to Make Them Happen Even With Homework and After School Activities – Parents Article

We know, we know. For years now we’ve heard all about the studies that show that having dinner together as a family every night is one of the best and most positive parenting things you can do. It has all sorts of benefits, from building better family relationships, making better food choices, raising self-esteem in children, to even having an impact on their grades and whether or not they will engage in at risk behaviors. And for the most part, when…

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4-Year-Old Seems Fixated on Dark, Scary Scenarios – Parents Article

In this episode: A parent is perplexed that her 4-year-old continually engages her in made up stories where the protagonist is in physical danger, sick, “does a bad thing,” is mean, or had to call the police. While this mom believes her child’s interests are generally innocent, they’ve continued relentlessly for 6 months and she’s becoming exasperated. “Is this normal exploration?” she wonders. “How do we handle it?” Transcript of “4-Year-Old Seems Fixated on Dark, Scary Scenarios” Hi, this is…

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Effective Parenting Skills – Teaching Kids To Be Gender Sensitive – Parents Article

We don’t think it unusual to see girls playing with baby dolls and boys playing with toy army men. But we often feel uneasy if we see them trade toys. Sometimes, we even react with shock and/or anger. According to experts, if children are allowed to investigate all that is possible, even taking away the gender bias, they will grow into well-rounded adults. So the idea of your little princess playing cowboys and Indians and your little man playing house…

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