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To Work or to Stay at Home? That is the Twin Parent Question – Parenting Twins Article

In this episode of the Twiniversity Podcast, Nat chats with Jenny, a mom of two-year-old twins, about choosing to go back to work or stay at home full time. To work or to stay at home? That is the twin parent question. Parents of twins all over struggle with this choice on a daily basis. There are so many factors that go into the choice to stay at home with your twins or go back to work: family budgets, career…

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Parental alienation – 1 in 5 suffer ‘dad guilt’ – Single Dad, Parents Article

A new study has revealed what many of us probably knew anyway: dad guilt really is a thing. In fact, dad guilt is the gift that keeps on giving, the cross we increasingly bear. Dads feel guilty when they spend too long at work, at the expense of time with their children, and they feel guilty when they spend too much time at home, to the detriment of their roles as breadwinners. This lose-lose has been confirmed by the new…

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