Work/life balance

The Upside To A Cooking Fail – Parents Article

Perfection. The lasagna looked perfect. All lovely and warm, with bubbly brown bits on the top and layers of homemade ricotta and sauce underneath. Fresh, bright basil torn on top.Seriously, perfect.Two days of cooking. Friends coming over for adult dinner and conversation. I followed the recipe directions, double-checked my work. I watched my time, organized the place settings, and checked that the wine glasses were spot-free.Candles lit. Music on. A special bottle of spicy Spanish wine uncorked and waiting.I felt…

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#pause – Parenting Twins Article

Term 1 of the school year came and went in a blink of 10 weeks. School work and corporate work, early starts at school, lengthy work days, housework, home-cooked meals, after school activities, etc. In between all that, there’s also the anticipation of the unexpected. All working families are familiar with the constant juggling and at times, find ourselves in conflict with the various roles and one thing for certain, children always seem to rise above the occasion. We are…

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