white privilege

The Protection of Sunscreen | Herding Chickens and Other Adventures in Foster and Adoptive Care – Foster Parents Article

I have always been white. There was never a time when I went out into the sun without first slathering on a layer of vaguely coconut flavored suntan lotion. When I was heading to the beach I remembered the delicacy of my pale skin. It was the only time I actively thought about the color of my skin and made preparations because of it. Otherwise, it never occurs to me to remember that I am white before I leave the…

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Condemnation of Race-Motivated Hate; Comparing the Left to the Right – Single Dad, Parents Article

As of this moment, roughly 58 hours after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, I have not witnessed a single person standing up for or justifying the KKK or the neo-Nazi groups who chose to attend. I also have not seen or heard anyone say anything positive about the young man who “allegedly” drove his car into the crowd (even though truthfully, we don’t yet know for a fact that it was with malicious intent). Now you have to…

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The Powerlessness of Not Having a Voice – Parenting Twins Article

My son almost ran in the road, and I had no voice with which to stop him. My story is a literal one, but the analogies I take from it are numerous. My sons were playing outside on a mild January day. I was sick that day, lying in bed, feeling guilty for being sick. (Ah, the perks of motherhood!) I had lost my voice, and my children had been uncharacteristically alarmed by my baritone squawking that morning. My husband…

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