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365+ Days To Disney World: The Guide To EPCOT – Single Dad, Parents Article

When it comes to planning things in life, sometimes life happens.  And sometimes when you plan things in your life, it stops you dead in its tracks.  You cannot continue as planned, no matter what.  I seemed to have run into one of those situations with this Disney trip.  I still want it to happen.  And I’ll keep trying to make it happen. Unfortunately, the actual trip date may be pushed back a good eight months.  (More car issues and…

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How To Do Disney While Potty Training – Single Mum, Parents Article

Sharing is caring!If you have young kids then your Disney World planning might need to include some information on how to do Disney while potty training. The potty training process is different for every kid. For some kids it can take a long time. Others might catch on quickly, but they can still be thrown off by things such as a vacation. If your child is anywhere in that potty training process when you head to Walt Disney World it’s…

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Is it Worth the Cost? – Single Mum, Parents Article

The Walt Disney World Dining Plan isn’t new to the Disney World vacation planning tips that many people give. After all it has been around for a very long time. It can be a great way to save some extra money, but it won’t help everyone save on their vacation. Walt Disney World Dining Plan: Is it Worth the Cost? I love going to Walt Disney World, but even I cannot deny that a Disney vacation can get pricey. Dining…

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