Smash Cake Dreams | Dropping Anchors – Foster Parents Article

Three and a half years ago we were celebrating my daughters 6th birthday. It hit me hard that I would never celebrate any birthdays with my foster son. This baby that I loved more than life itself would soon be leaving me, and not only would I never get to see him celebrate any of his birthdays, he wouldn’t even remember who I was in a few short months. You know what? That’s the hardest part of fostering babies in…

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Waiting – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. – Single Dad, Parents Article

Every morning we get a scene from Hitchcock’s Birds. Hordes of feathered friends waiting for the me to get my act together. Come on it’s about time we got breakfast. Just remember what happened in The Birds. No cute Angry Birds here…. We watched Angry Birds 2 a few nights back. It’s very funny. Red and Big Terrence are my new role models. The Birds in the Hitchcock movie are just a bit too Deadpool for my liking. Everyday the…

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