Busy engineer finds happiness in children’s hospital ~ Special needs disability parenting BLOOM – Parents Article

By Louise Kinross Emile Benyamin is an engineer who spends his days taking care of robots. His robots extract DNA from human blood and saliva, so it can be studied in research and clinical labs in hospitals. Emile travels across Canada to train scientists on the robots, and troubleshoot when there are problems. But when BLOOM interviewed Emile, he had come in to Holland Bloorview on a Thursday night to volunteer with young children in our Ronald McDonald Playroom. “Emile…

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5 Easy Christmas Spirit Ideas To Encourage Giving – Parents Article

Giving Feels So Good It Hurts Two years ago, I was moved by a video where children from low-income families had to choose between a gift for themselves or one for their parents. Watch it: Amazing, selfless kids! These children chose a gift for their parents over one for themselves. Are you crying yet? It’s so sweet it hurts.  At the end of the day, these kids willingly give up their dream Christmas gift, just so they can give their caregiver…

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