Santa’s Busiest Helper: Volunteer Amanda Gonzales – Foster Parents Article

Posted on January 17, 2020 by Plummer Youth Promise On January 20th, Americans in all 50 states will honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by participating in a National Day of Service. At Plummer, we understand that the service of our volunteers is essential to our mission of #FamilyForEveryone. We are featuring one of our most dedicated volunteers in hopes that her story will inspire others to pick up the phone and give us a call, or sign…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Hailey and Madison – Parents Article

Meet Hailey and Madison. These two recent high school graduates volunteered in Parenting Now!’s Children’s Program. Let’s get to know them better! Q: What has your experience been like volunteering at Parenting Now!?  What do you feel you learned or accomplished as a volunteer? Hailey: I’ve loved volunteering with Parenting Now! these past two years. The organization was so crucial to my high school experience, it was so nice to have a place to dedicate some of my time to…

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How to tick off a Mama Bear with 5 little words – Foster Parents Article

“Did you have them tested?” she asked. “Tested for WHAT?!” I replied while secretly hoping she wouldn’t say what I thought she would say. But alas, she did. “You know… to make sure they aren’t… (whispers) ‘crazy‘ before you decided to keep them.” SCREEEECH!!! HOLD UP! *Cue Mama Bear* “What did you just ask me about my children??? Did I test them before deciding to keep them?? Did you test your bio kids before you decided to keep them? No?…

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