Teaching Kids to Respect Other Cultures Starts With Understanding Your Own – Foster Parents Article

I remember being about nine years old the first time I realized my family culture was different from the culture I was growing up in. My mom had bought a boxed set of cassette tapes of “The News from Lake Wobegon” from a library book sale. As I listened to Garrison Keillor describe life in the midwest, my life started to make just a little more sense. I was a girl growing up in California being raised by a mother…

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Last Camping Trip of the Season – Single Mom Unschooling – Single Mum, Parents Article

We have a standing yearly camping trip every Labor Day weekend with friends. They’re so close, we feel like family. Their children consider B a cousin. It’s a lovely tradition. Watching our children, their three and my one, grow and change every year is my favorite part. We’ve done this several years and it becomes less labor intensive and more relaxing each time. The children have matured and have more freedom/ autonomy. B has always enjoyed fishing at this campground.…

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