Thyroid Cancer – How I Am Coping – Single Mum, Parents Article

Maybe I should call it, “The Thyroid Saga.” Or something clever and catchy. But I can’t think of anything right now. So I’ll just say that the story of my thyroid continues. The last 2 weeks have brought more health issues. Here’s where it all started, and now we are on to Phase Two. So since the last surgery, where they removed half my thyroid, we received the results of the biopsy. At my follow up appointment with my surgeon,…

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Thyroid Issues, Anxiety, Depression and More – Parents Article

Anxiety, Depression and Thyroid Disorders As someone who treats kids and adolescents with depression and anxiety…I always request that the parents take their child to have their thyroid levels checked at the beginning of treatment. This is because there is a strong connection between thyroid disorders and depression/anxiety. Did you know that? It’s true! Basic Biology/Rock You Like a Hurricane Our adrenals, thyroid and gut and brain are linked together and create an internal symphony, if you will, that’s either…

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