How to Address Bedtime Issues – Parents Article

Dr. Scott Turansky Before becoming a parent, you may have envisioned bedtime as the sweetest time of the day as you tucked in your little cherubs, kissed them on their foreheads, and watched them peacefully drift off to sleep. Then you had kids! What happened? The reality is that bedtime is usually when tiredness and selfishness peak (sometimes for parents as well as children). Some children produce quite a struggle at bedtime, making the last few minutes of the day…

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How to Build Cooperation In Your Kids – Parents Article

Dr. Scott Turansky “It’s a battle every time I give my child an instruction. We have things to do and many of those things are for her, but she resists or has a bad attitude, or is even defiant sometimes.” If any of those words characterize your child, then there is some work to be done. Children who can’t give up their agenda without a dialogue are building negative patterns that will haunt them in the future, not just now.…

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Correction is a Gift – Thriving Kids Connection – Parents Article

Posted on 21 Nov in Techniques by scott turansky Correcting children can be exasperating. Part of the problem happens when children respond poorly. They don’t appreciate your suggestions or advice. Instead they become defensive, offer excuses, blame others, or even blame themselves. This resistance causes children to miss the benefits of correction. Of course, it’s not just a kid problem. Many adults respond poorly when a mate offers some helpful criticism or a boss requires change. Correction is A…

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