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Steps To Improving Your Financial Health This Year – Single Mum, Parents Article

Each new year brings new ideas, goals, and hopes into our lives. Unfortunately, as each month goes by we might fall into our previous comfort zone and forget what we set out to achieve this year. Did you take some time yet to think what it is you want to achieve financially this year? What about pondering some steps how you might actually do it? Being a single mother is always challenging financially, especially if you have additional challenges on…

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Top Countries Where Being A Mom Is Financially Rewarding – Single Mum, Parents Article

Aren’t you curious if being a mother and raising a child is easier in some places? I know I am! Even if I will never live in one of the best countries where being a mom is financially rewarding, it’s good to know where to go if the opportunity arises. A great majority of moms who read this blog come from all over the world and it would be great to get some personal feedback on this topic. There is…

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