In Defense of Mom Jeans, No Matter the Size – Parents Article

Do You Own a Pair of Mom Jeans? Oh, no!  The dreaded mom jeans!   Do you own a pair?   I do, and here is why I’m proud to “rock the mom jeans”!   They aren’t size 5, or even a size 10, although “mom jeans” do come in those sizes and some of my best friends wear them!  These mom jeans are filled with legs that have stood the test of time. The Legs in These Mom Jeans Have: ~ Helped build tents,…

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I do not…okay?  | TwinMomLife: A Parenthood Journey – Parenting Twins Article

I recently confirmed that I am better at managing middle schoolers than toddlers. Actually, 46 8th graders were easier to manage than 2 two year olds.  Last week I went on the 8th grade field trip from northern FL to DC for five nights, with two of those nights on the bus. Of course, I had three other staff members with me and four parents, but still.    Toddlers are tyrannical, demanding everything to be their way or they will…

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In Between | TwinMomLife: A Parenthood Journey – Parenting Twins Article

I find the “in between” stage of anything to be excruciating.  Waiting for something can be a difficult task.  Waiting for a score report on a big test, waiting for your baby to arrive when you are pregnant, waiting for your toddler to “get” the idea of no, stop, the idea of bedtime, that throwing food, hitting your sibling, screeching in Starbucks are all rude. I’m having a difficult time waiting for my 22 month old toddler twins to become…

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