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The Big V – Parenting Twins Article

  A little while back I posted on my Instagram page the things I am asked by non-midwifery people. I think the most common one is “aren’t you grossed out by touching vagina’s” or “don’t they smell horrible”? If I’m honest, I was petrified of looking at the most intimate part of a woman when I first started studying, let alone touching that area! Firstly, do you know the difference between the vulva and the vagina? Most people just refer…

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First Day at Uni – Gas and Air Blog – Parenting Twins Article

My first day… It actually happened – I actually started training to be a midwife! On Monday the 4th of Feb, after a night of no sleep and numerous nervous wees, off I went to begin the road to my dream job. First things first, well after trying to work out where on earth to park and where on earth the classroom is (Hull Uni is massive and I’m pretty certain I’m never going to know my way around ever),…

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