Let Them Be Little | New Day Foster Home – Foster Parents Article

Our children have gone through so much in their short lives, way more than any child should have to go through. They know the feeling of abandonment and have spent too many nights in hospitals.  Because of their past is it even more important to let them be little. To give them normal childhood experiences that are full of joy and exploration.  It is even more important to show them how loved they are and to teach them how to…

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Babies in the Grass | New Day Foster Home – Foster Parents Article

Summer days are made for exploring outside. Exploring in the grass is even better. Our boys are learning to love the grass! Sometimes it feels a little funny against their toes, but it can also be so much fun to crawl in, and there are so many things to discover. Unlike her ‘brothers’ Kelly wasn’t too sure about sitting in the grass, but she loved the solution we found for her! I think a summer full of playing in the…

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Planting Flowers! – Foster Parents Article

Every year Cummins donates money for flowers and then comes to help us plant everything. The flowers arrived and everybody got to work planting them! Owen and Catherine were a huge help. The little kids may not have been the biggest helpers, but they sure are cute! We are very thankful for their generous donations and hard work and enjoy the flowers all summer long! This is only a snippet of a Foster Parents Article written by (Unknown) Read Full…

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