Springtime Fun and Learning at Home – Parents Article

Spring is a great time of year to get back into the sunshine and take advantage of teachable moments with your children. If you’re planning a flower, herb or vegetable garden, then you have the perfect setting for learning across all content areas and grade levels. Grab your trowel and let’s dig in!   Math Math is an easy subject to tackle in the garden. How many seeds should you plant in the garden? It’s all about measurement – with…

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Midlife Singlemum: Happy New Year Trees! – Single Mum, Parents Article

I think they should have closed the schools! Remember this? Whether the weather be hot, Or whether the weather be not,We’ll weather the weather, Whatever the weather.Whether we like it or not. Reasons 2B Cheerful for this week are almost all weather related. I’m joining the R2BC linky over at Becky’s Lakes Single Mum. 1. It’s my Eight Year Blogiversary. 19/1/2011 was the first the blog post. That’s it really, who knew that eight years later I’d still be at it. 2.…

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How To Break Up Boredom This Spring Break – Single Mum, Parents Article

How to Break Up Boredom This Spring Break Spring break is upon us yet again mommies. For some families this means taking a trip somewhere or planning out various activities. But for many of us who aren’t able to get away we have to find ways to keep our kiddos occupied. Which is sometimes easier said than done. For many years in our home it was a constant challenge to find ways to keep them from being bored. Now I…

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