Spies in Disguise

Spies In Disguise Activity Sheets For Coronavirus Lockdowns – Single Dad, Parents Article

I know it’s a strange time out there.  It’s really a strange time anywhere no matter where you are on the planet.  One piece of advice for all of you.  Do not eat bats.  I mean.  Just don’t do it.  No matter how tempting it might sound, we have repeated conclusive evidence that consuming these creatures produces bad outcomes.  And not the kind where you live forever in a coffin avoiding the light of day.  Although the coffin part might…

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Spies In Disguise Comes Home On March 10th – Single Dad, Parents Article

***While I have been offered consideration for promotion of this upcoming film release of Spies in Disguise, all the thoughts expressed herein are strictly my own.*** Rarely do I miss an opportunity to see a movie out there at the Theaters when I get the chance.  Especially if I really want to watch it.  It has to be some wild confluence of events that prevents me from doing so.  One such film came out this past holiday season which I…

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