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The Right Questions – Foster Parents Article

I recently attended a medical check up with my husband (I’ll just pause here for a moment to relish the use of that word!). He was updating his nurse about a symptom which he described using a layman’s term that I thought was pretty descriptive, as well as accurate. Nonetheless, the nurse asked numerous questions about his symptom and, in the end, determined that the word he had used was quite wrong, and it was actually something else entirely. This…

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World Social Work Day | Interviewing a Social Worker – Foster Parents Article

Posted on 19th March 2019 by Beth Owen World Social Work Day To mark World Social Work Day, Lorimer Fostering thought, what is the best way to find out what life is really like being a Social Worker?! So, we grabbed one of our long-standing Social Workers, two cups of tea, biscuits and interrogated her! Louise Mason, Supervising Social Worker Louise has been an employee at Lorimer Fostering since December 2005. She has been both an Assessing Social Worker and a…

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Why the Foster Care System is Broken — – Foster Parents Article

I read a Facebook post by a friend and former coworker, discussing her views on the recent shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. As a high school teacher, she was disgusted with the constraints that doesn’t allow her the time to reach her troubled students; apparently, the shooter had been in foster care. Her remarks revealed to me what is wrong with the foster care system. Please bear with me through this article, as I am frustrated and angry.…

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