Social Skills

Faced with Troubling Behavior – Now What? (with Susan Stiffelman and Maggie Dent) – Parents Article

In this episode: 3 experts – 1 microphone… Janet is joined in a lively discussion by family counselor Susan Stiffelman and best-selling parenting author Maggie Dent. Together they explore some of the common issues affecting our children’s behaviors and offer steps parents can take to understand and address them. How do we respond when our child’s behavior seems problematic? Is it a reflection on us? And how do we communicate with our child to untangle what’s really going on and…

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When Your Child Is Unkind (She Needs Your Help) – Parents Article

In this episode: Janet responds to the parent of two kids who overheard her 4.5 year old taunting another child in the park and wasn’t sure how to react to that sort of unkind behavior. On the one hand, she didn’t want to impose judgement on her daughter by scolding and lecturing. On the other, “I want to help coach her on being kind and a good human being.” She’s unsure of what to do to help foster these traits…

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Gather Round the Family Dinner Table: Why It Matters – Parents Article

Gather ‘Round the Family Dinner Table When was the last time you had dinner with your family? I’m not talking about a dinner you grab while on the go in your car.  That doesn’t count. I mean the real, sit-down type of dinner where you can look into each other’s eyes and talk about your day. It is the meal we often gloss over because we work late, the kids have sporting events or we get tired from daily activities.…

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