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Single Parent Travel: What, Who, Why, How – Single Dad, Parents Article

I’m surprised you’re looking up single parent travel. Are you interested in trying it for yourself? Or are you a keyboard warrior prowling for bloggers to harass about how traveling with young kids is unsustainable and not good for their stability? However you found this post, I’m glad you’re here. Trolls feel free to leave comments below, I’ll give you some hugs, it’s clear you need it.  We could all talk a little more about single parent travel. And we…

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A Weird Way to Live Your Life – Single Dad, Parents Article

Are you weird? Hopefully. Feeling average and want to be weird? Here’s a weird way to live your life: as a minimalist traveler. The best part of a life of travel is that it teaches you the value of minimalism. Why is that the best part? Because it helps you reduce your carbon footprint, free your mind, and live in a way that is more connected to reality.  I’m a full-blooded American.  You know, in the way that my mom’s…

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Single Parent Travel Hacks – 6 Quick Packing Tips w/ Bonus Video! – Single Dad, Parents Article

I know a lot about single parent travel, mostly because it’s the definition of my life. What I know best is managing times of stress before they occur. It’s called preparation folks.  Preparing to get on a plane with your kids takes just that.  Here are my six quick tips for traveling with your children as a single parent.  *Affiliate links (disclosure here) may be present in this article. Since everyone can usually take a carry-on bag for free, make…

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