Side Hustles

Six Savvy Side Hustles | Kaywanda Lamb – Single Mum, Parents Article

#MomChat was on fire last weekend. Do you follow me on Facebook and Instagram? If not, you’re missing good information every Sunday at around 7pm Central Time. This last weekend #MomChat was about side hustles. Sis, sometimes we all need a little extra to take care of the babies.  It’s great to have a side hustle for just that reason. Don’t take the label side hustle to mean anything negative. It simply denotes a business that you run on the…

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7 Side Hustles for Single Moms to Stretch Your Budget without Overwhelming Your Life – Single Mum, Parents Article

We are told we need a budget to manage our money. You go online and find a single mom budget worksheet that gives you a headstart (I hope) for your income. Even with a budget, you might still be feeling the crunch of more month at the end of your money. I’ve heard many financial experts say you need to cut back and trim your spending to cure the money crunch. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. With the cost of…

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