CoCo And Twins: Suicide Prevention – Parenting Twins Article

It has been 18 months since the boys lost their dad to suicide. He would have been 39 last weekend. Sam and Jay spent the weekend with their grandparents remembering their daddy. I spent the weekend relaxing and trying to not be angry. Yes, I am still angry. Not that he took his own life – but that the boys are still hurting. There aren’t many tears anymore, but the pain is still in the back of their mind. In…

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CoCo And Twins: My Reasons – Parenting Twins Article

13 Reasons WhyWhen I heard about this show, part of me wanted to avoid it all together, to ignore it. The other part of me was curious. As I suicide survivor, I needed to know if Netflix had gotten it right. I wondered if the story would actually resonate with someone that had been at that point of desperation. They did. ***SPOILERS***TRIGGER WARNING*** Stop reading this if you don’t want to know specific details about the show.Stop reading this if…

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