Save 30% at Walgreens | Mommy Hasnt Showered – Single Mum, Parents Article

Everyone I know has been coming down with either the flu or some sort of nasty stomach issue. Make sure y’all are stocking up with the “winter essentials “. Last night during my FB live I discussed some of items we use in our household to keep everyone from coming down with the scurvy. I’d like to go a little more into detail about our winter essentials since I ran out of time. NOTE: The following post contains affiliate links.…

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CoCo And Twins: Wal-Mart Black Friday Deals – Single Mum, Parents Article

I saw that the Black Friday ad was released for Wal-Mart, I had to go look. What is on your list this year? These are some of the items I am hoping to grab next week. We had a Halloween light like this and loved it. I think snowflakes would be pretty. I love getting new pajamas for the kids. I always snag a few for each of the boys.They have gotten too tall for last year’s footie jammies, so…

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The single mum’s guide to budgeting with YNAB – Single Mum, Parents Article

OK today I’m sharing THE best piece of advice I was given when I was thinking about quitting my job to become self-employed. Start budgeting with YNAB. I’d posted in a Facebook group for freelancers and entrepreneurs asking for advice from any single parents in the group. I wanted to know how they coped financially because the one thing that was holding me back was money worries. How was I going to make sure I had enough to pay the…

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