How to Make a 6-Month SAT or ACT Study Plan – Sylvan Learning Blog – Parents Article

It’s November, well into the semester for high schoolers. SATs and ACTs are a topic of importance and although the spring and summer test dates seem far away, they’re actually right around the corner. If your child is contemplating taking the SAT or ACT (or both), it’s wise to have a plan. A “6-month game plan” will be useful and build confidence for those kids who have kept up their studies, maintained a relatively decent GPA, and have taken school…

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8 Reasons Why a Tutor is One of the Best Educational Options for the Summer – Sylvan Learning Blog – Parents Article

As soon as that final school bell rings for summer break, your son or daughter will fly through those school doors with a huge smile, ready for vacation and summer activities. But you’re thinking big. You know that the best summer is a well-rounded summer … and that includes keeping up good learning habits! You have a lot of choices for educational activities over the summer. Here are 8 reasons that teaming up with a summer tutor will make all…

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