I Let My Middle Schooler Take a Personal Day | – Foster Parents Article

Yesterday my twelve-year-old decided to take his second “personal day” of the year. He slept in, played with his younger siblings, watched some videos, ran errands with me and grabbed lunch at McDonald’s. No homework, no extra chores, no having to stay in bed for sickness, just a relaxed day at home when he was totally healthy and capable of going to school. And he did it all with my blessing. When he started middle school in the fall, I…

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Win A Love To Dream Swaddle – Parents Article

Yesterday I posted a photo of Piper in her Love To Dream swaddle, and the response I was just incredible! So many other moms and dads got in touch telling me how it’s changed their life in terms of baby sleep. Now, I’m just a mom of a 4 month old and never-gonna-leave bags under her eyes, so I’m no expert – but I will do whatever it takes to get my baby down, and keep her down! So for me, I cannot…

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Tired Mom vs. Autism — – Foster Parents Article

It is 4:12 a.m. or hour #3 since my son woke up. This night is another reminder of how my life is different from other moms, yet, similar to many special needs mothers. I can sit here on the couch with my son and ponder why he has autism, however, after so many years, all I can do is accept it and do what is best for him. I realize this blog was meant for foster parents; I created it…

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