How to Help Kids Cope and Contribute during COVID-19 • Science of Parenting • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Parents Article

The new “normal” that many families have endured recently includes limiting their time engaging with friends and neighbors in an attempt to practice social distancing. This experience is probably very new for many people. Not only is it new, but it can also be very lonely and disappointing. Children who want to play with friends, but who are told they cannot, may really have many questions. Their emotions may spill over with fear, anger and even anxiety as they try…

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Raising Emotional Intelligence and Resilience for a Meaningful Life (with Susan David) – Parents Article

Psychologist, author and TED Talk superstar Susan David joins Janet to discuss how parents can nurture their children’s capacity to process difficult emotions, thoughts, and experiences. “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life,” she says, but we can help our children develop resilience and a capability to navigate uncomfortable emotions so they’re no longer scary. Susan offers advice how parents can instill confidence and a sense of well-being. The process begins with awareness, acceptance, and compassion for…

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Recap- Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma & Resilience 4/25/19 – Foster Parents Article

Recap- Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma & Resilience 4/25/19 Posted: April 30th, 2019  –  By: Emily Griffey On Thursday April 25, 2019 Voices hosted over 950 attendees at the Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma and Resilience. The goal of the Summit was to connect child-serving professionals and advocates across the Commonwealth to best practices to prevent, and better address, the impacts of childhood adversity. California’s first Surgeon General and well-known ACEs expert, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, provided the keynote address.…

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