Post Natal

Remembering My Baby Ezra – Gas and Air Blog – Parenting Twins Article

Two weeks before my twenty-second birthday I went out to see a play with my friend, it was called Reasons To Be Happy. My son was nine weeks and four days old and the title of the play made me smirk. Everyone had their reasons, but mine was, by far, the best. I returned to my mother’s house that night excited to see Ezra. I had been away for around five hours. I jogged upstairs to her flat. He was…

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Responsive Parenting – Gas and Air Blog – Parenting Twins Article

After you have your baby, care is handed over from your midwives to your health visitors. Essentially health visitors are there to support you postnatally. Our main role is to support healthy child growth and development, especially in the first year which is where we might see you more frequently. Lots of health and medical research and health policy concludes attachment plays a huge part of healthy child development.   Responsive Parenting (RP) boosts attachment in both parents and babies.…

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Postpartum Psychosis and Me – Gas and Air Blog – Parenting Twins Article

As I lay In my bed one night after our latest discharge from hospital my stomach twisted in knots and as I looked around, the colourful walls caved in on me. I felt a sense of an evil presence and remember thinking ‘That’s it, my life is over ‘. The last few months had been hard. Forrest my 5th child had been born prematurely at 28 weeks at the hospital where I worked as midwife. Seven weeks were spent next…

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