Post-Adoption Support

The Right Questions – Foster Parents Article

I recently attended a medical check up with my husband (I’ll just pause here for a moment to relish the use of that word!). He was updating his nurse about a symptom which he described using a layman’s term that I thought was pretty descriptive, as well as accurate. Nonetheless, the nurse asked numerous questions about his symptom and, in the end, determined that the word he had used was quite wrong, and it was actually something else entirely. This…

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Bulbs – Foster Parents Article

At some point in the chaos that was my house renovation, the builder asked me what I wanted to do about lighting in the kitchen. I was adamant that I didn’t want spot lights anywhere. The builder seemed shocked, as if I was suggesting illuminating the room with candles. What did I want instead? I said, “You can put a massive fluorescent strip light in for all I care, I just don’t want spots!” Anyway, there are eleven spots in…

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