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Week 20 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

{That time Carly “helped” carry the watermelon} Enjoying… movie night with the kids last weekend, with homemade pizza & cookies. Yum!!! Loving… my Mother’s Day.  Josh went grocery shopping for me (bless him!) and made dinner for us all.  The kids made me cards and Wyatt brought me a coaster he had made in class.  He drew a mug on it with my favorite colors (yellow & blue) and wrote “Best Mom Ever” on it. The sweetheart.I got to spend…

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Week 19 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Grocery shopping… with all four kids Saturday to get it out of the way, and feeling amazed at how quickly we were done.  We really can divide and conquer and man, are we fast!!! Taking… Wyatt to a birthday party in the park this weekend and having the best time with all four kids. Watching… Brain Child with the kids on Netflix.  We’ve only watched one episode so far, but the kids can’t wait to watch more.  (We all learned…

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Week 18 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Taking… care of sick kids all week.  It started with Logan over the weekend, and has moved through the entire family since then.  It’s hit Wyatt the hardest, leaving him with a double ear infection and on a round of oral steroids.  He hasn’t had to go on oral steroids since the fall, and I am disappointed to see him on them again.  But his regular regimen of treatments wasn’t working. Even Carly got pretty sick by the end of…

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