picky eaters

This new “salad frosting” product gets everything wrong about kids and vegetables – Parents Article

It’s no secret that lots of kids don’t want to eat their veggies, and that many parents will do just about anything to entice them—from puréeing carrots into pasta sauce to adding ten minutes of Paw Patrol for every pea that’s not spat out. In a bid to relieve parents of some of this hassle (and to trick kids into consuming more greens), Kraft has introduced a limited-edition version of its Classic Ranch Dressing, calling it Kraft Salad ‘Frosting’ and disguising…

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5 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters: Research Brief – Parents Article

Several years back, a popular parenting magazine reached out to get my thoughts on kids who are picky eaters. I happily answered their questions…and that was that. It just occurred to me that this issue might resonate with many of you, so I wanted to share what some of the research says about this hot topic.  The Journal of Pediatric Health Care focused on this very thing in an article a few years back (1). There was a cool reference…

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