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Container Baby Syndrome: What is it and how to avoid it – Parenting Twins Article

What exactly is Container Baby Syndrome? We’ll explain what it is, how it can affect your babies, and how to avoid it, especially with twins. When new parents ask the question, “What will I need for my baby?”, there is a wide spectrum of answers and opinions. However, nearly all are filled with lots of “equipment” or “baby container” recommendations. Of course, you’ll need a car seat and stroller for safe transportation, oftentimes multiple strollers – a stroller for everyday…

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5 Signs Your Child Will Be Walking Soon – Parents Article

Like it? Share it, or post a comment below! By Katie Shroyer PT, DPT, CBIS TEIS Physical Therapist All children develop and grow at their own rates. Current research gives a range of when typically developing children achieve their gross motor milestones. Baby books and pediatricians will tell you that your baby will probably be walking independently somewhere between 10-15 months, but some children even walk later at 18 months and still fall within normal ranges. A great way to…

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What is Low Tone and How Does it Affect My Child? – Parents Article

Like it? Share it, or post a comment below! By Katie Shroyer, PT, DPT, CBISTEIS Physical Therapist Do you notice that your child tends to fall to the side or forwards when they are trying to sit? Do you feel like your child’s arms and/or legs move really easily or feel very light when moving them? If so, it is possible that your child has “low tone,” which is also known as hypotonia. The definition of “low tone” includes muscles…

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