This Mess is Perfectionism Too – Foster Parents Article

To look at this picture (or my house in general) I don’t think you’d describe me as a perfectionist. But I can see it hidden in there, between the wadded up paper towels jammed next to the paper towel roll. The other night my mom gave me some dishes she was getting rid of. She wrapped them in clean paper towels for the drive home so nothing would break. When I unwrapped them, I couldn’t throw the paper towels away.…

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The Mistake Smart People Make That Causes Divorce and Other Miserable Things – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/CBC) How well do you know your spouse or romantic partner? Your parents? Siblings? Best friends? If you were to take a personality test, answering questions as you imagine they would answer them, how confident are you that the results would match reality? People frequently have conflict—often minor, sometimes major—with loved ones and people they spend a lot of time with and know well. And the reason we have conflict with other people is not because we’re dumb nor is…

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