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Single Mom Dating Frustrations: 6 Steps to Getting Your Heart and Mind Ready for Love – Single Mum, Parents Article

A reader had a question about how to deal with her single mom dating frustrations. She wanted to know how to find a great guy who is not needy and expecting her to do all the emotional and financial work. She also wanted to know how to find a man who is strong, professional, and not looking for a needy woman (which she is the complete opposite of). She’s tried online dating but that doesn’t work and she wants a…

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6 Simple Steps to Defusing Emotional Pain – Single Mum, Parents Article

by Dr. Scott Symington Emotional pain is built into the fabric of life. It shows up in multiple forms: anxiety, loneliness, feeling rejected, overwhelmed by the stresses of life and the list goes on. In the midst of these challenging experiences, we naturally look for ways to change the way we’re feeling—to alleviate the pain. If we don’t have healthy ways of coping with emotional distress, we’re susceptible to relying on things like food, alcohol, shopping and Internet surfing to…

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How to Get Over Your Breakup with a Narcissist in 6 Steps – Single Mum, Parents Article

Note from Samantha: I’m bringing this guest post because I was married to a narcissist. It was the most painful, confusing, and soul-sucking experience I’ve ever had. It feels impossible to get out with your sanity, but it is possible to breakup with a narcissist, recover, and feel a sense of normalcy again. You’ve tried everything to fix your relationship. You started with marriage courses, tears, anger, and now you’re finally had enough. But getting over a breakup is a…

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