Midlife Singlemum: R2BC – The Pesach Edition – Single Mum, Parents Article

We went to London for Pesach. I try to keep our travel plans off social media until we’ve returned home but it doesn’t usually work very well. Anyway, lots of reasons 2B cheerful from our holiday. And lots more R2BC from other bloggers over at Becky’s Lakes Single Mum. 1Seder Night We have two of them. Both a lot of fun. DD was in charge of making the place names for the table. The photo shows what she made for…

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Midlife Singlemum: Holiday Guilt – Single Mum, Parents Article

Sunburst from the Chihuly exebition at Kew Gardens Believe me, it’s a thing. It starts before the holiday with things to get done before we leave. Be up to date with work commitments (prep and grading), paperwork (taxes, paying bills, filing, etc…) and cleaning the apartment. The time gets shorter and shorter and we leave for our holiday with work unfinished, paperwork in a pile on the desk, and a whisk round the apartment with a lick and a promise.…

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Midlife Singlemum: R2BC – General Good Stuff – Single Mum, Parents Article

The Beresheet Space Lander aborted and with it went my Reasons 2B Cheerful this week. And the political party I voted for – Gesher – didn’t even pass the threshold to get one seat in the Knesset. Otoh, we got to the moon (first country to crash on the moon. Hooray, a first!) and we still live in a democracy which is a huge deal. So with the R2BC linky over at Mich’s Mummy from the Heart for the month…

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