Spokane Group Sends Youth Back to School with New Backpacks – Foster Parents Article

06.05.2019 By Dana Petrarca, Treehouse Community Engagement Officer The Seattle Reproductive Medicine Spokane team hosted a donation drive for Spokane County youth in foster care last summer. “Our SRM Spokane team really enjoyed using our time and talent to help the youth of Spokane with back-to-school goodies,” said Melanie Mikkelsen, Counselor and Donor Liaison at SRM Spokane. “Even though our staff is small in numbers, it felt great to make a difference to youth who need our support the most.”…

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Celebrity Chef Tom Douglas Mentors 4 Youth in Latest Treehouse Video – Foster Parents Article

05.01.2019 By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Marketing & Social Media Manager Four of the youth we serve were recently mentored by renowned Seattle chef Tom Douglas. Treehouse youth Paris, Skyler, Philipe and Journey all want to pursue culinary careers. “This experience really made me realize how easily attainable this dream is,” Journey said. “It’s not just a dream anymore. I’m actually making my way there now.” Tom invited our youth to Hot Stove Society, his culinary learning space in Seattle. He…

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