Anyone else behind on laundry? – Parenting Twins Article

A friend of mine asked me to post and see if there's any interest (She doesn't reddit). She's looking to start a new laundry folding business. She's referring to it as the Uber of Laundry! haha. From what I can tell, you would have an app that you can use to schedule someone to come pick up your clean laundry, and return it within 24 hours folded/hung up. It would be fairly affordable. Obviously the target market are busy parents,…

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Grandad made a baby corral! – Parenting Twins Article

Best part is it's completely adjustable if we need it higher all we have to do is add an extra rail! We've yet to solve the gate issue, but stepping over has not been a problem at this height Please ignore the indoor tornado and my breakfast…. submitted by /u/takes22tango [comments] This is only a snippet of a Twins Parents Article written by /u/takes22tango Read Full Parenting Article

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