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Lord, Let me Catch My Children | – Foster Parents Article

A Prayer for My Children as They Make Their Own Choices Lord, let me catch my children. Rebecca Tredway Photography May I always listen to that still small voice that tells me to walk into the room without warning. Let me not avoid that nagging Holy Spirit prompting that gnaws at my heart when I think about what could be on that screen or under that bed or on that phone or in that drawer. Please let me forget my…

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I Let My Middle Schooler Take a Personal Day | – Foster Parents Article

Yesterday my twelve-year-old decided to take his second “personal day” of the year. He slept in, played with his younger siblings, watched some videos, ran errands with me and grabbed lunch at McDonald’s. No homework, no extra chores, no having to stay in bed for sickness, just a relaxed day at home when he was totally healthy and capable of going to school. And he did it all with my blessing. When he started middle school in the fall, I…

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