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We Spent the Morning Arguing about Cereal. I Don’t Regret It. – Foster Parents Article

I woke up early to come wake you up. Even though you don’t need me to. Even though you’re capable of waking up on your own to your own alarm clock in your own room. Every day you become more independent and every day I’m wondering what my role is in your life. My motherhood job description keeps changing and I’m doing my best to keep up and change accordingly. So I woke up to wake you up so we…

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The Horrors Of Cutting – Five Reasons Teenagers Cut Themselves – Single Dad, Parents Article

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – Mark Twain I remember the first time I saw anyone who cut themselves.  Of course, I had seen TV shows and other films talk about teens doing harm to themselves.  Even committing suicide.  Cutting one’s self seemed stranger to me than suicide.  More foreign to me than committing suicide.  Suicide felt like it had…

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Lord, Let me Catch My Children | – Foster Parents Article

A Prayer for My Children as They Make Their Own Choices Lord, let me catch my children. Rebecca Tredway Photography May I always listen to that still small voice that tells me to walk into the room without warning. Let me not avoid that nagging Holy Spirit prompting that gnaws at my heart when I think about what could be on that screen or under that bed or on that phone or in that drawer. Please let me forget my…

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