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How Can I Encourage Family And Friends To Support Our Parenting Style? – Foster Parents Article

| Share | Tweet | Pin It | email Helping family and close friendships understand you and how you parent can be tricky. They mean well, but may not fully understand how to support you. But there are ways you can encourage them and help them gain a healthy understanding. Once we know the importance attachment and bonding play in a healthy upbringing, we tend to parent differently. Children from traumatic pasts have had their initial attachment disrupted, so we must…

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ICYMI: These were our top stories of 2019 – Parents Article

Photo: Courtesy of @SHE_PLUSFIVE As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at our top stories of 2019. What were we clicking on the most? And what does that say about the state of modern parenting? Turns out, we’re proudly celebrating our postpartum bodies, confessing our underlying mom rage, and trying to figure out how to get our babies to actually sleep. (Hmm, those last two are probably related!) Our favourite royal moms across the pond,…

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy: What Parenting Books Won’t Teach You – Parenting Twins Article

Taking care of three rebellious and very opinionated toddlers is never easy. So what ever parenting choices we make, we think about how to ease our already stressful life first. I already wrote somewhere that unlike other parents, I think about myself first to be able to be my best self for others. It’s the same old story about the oxygen masks on planes, remember? In order to save your kid, you must put the mask on you first. Same…

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