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The Kind of Mom They Made Me | – Foster Parents Article

I have a serious issue with baking bread. In my mind the world is divided into two kinds of women:  those who bake bread and those who don’t. I have happily been in the “those who don’t” category for my entire adult life. Baking bread has always gone hand in hand in my mind with wearing denim jumpers and believing bowling alleys are the gates of hell. I’m not proud of these assumptions, I’m just telling you how strongly I…

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I’m Not Raising Root Bound Kids | – Foster Parents Article

I partly paid my way through college by working a job on the grounds crew. In the Georgia heat I learned about the pain of fire ant bites, the strength of kudzu that can only be hacked back with a machete, and I learned that sometimes plants can become root bound. I have always loved gardening since I was little, but I rarely knew what I was doing. On that college grounds crew I began to add wisdom to my…

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The One Thing Young Kids Need to Know About Sex | – Foster Parents Article

I currently have four kids in elementary school from Kindergarten to fifth grade. My kids have not experienced any sexual abuse (to my knowledge), we have been very careful about any potential porn exposure, and we closely monitor their involvement with pop culture through music, movies, books, and even commercials. While we might seem to err on the side of overly sheltering them, what we have also done is be very open with our kids about sex. We have told…

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