7 Ways To Handle The Grief of Father’s Day if Your Dad or Spouse is No Longer Here — TWINS Magazine – Parenting Twins Article

Father’s Day is a celebration of dad and all he’s done. This well-intentioned day to honor dads around the world can be especially difficult for anyone who has lost their father. It brings up memories of dad and reminds us that he’s no longer here. When others get to spend the day with their fathers, those who have lost dad often feel lonely and depressed. How can you better handle the emotions this Father’s Day? Vinay Saranga M.D. is a…

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Supporting your Twins different learning styles — TWINS Magazine – Parenting Twins Article

Connor and Crystal loved playing in preschool and at home. Their home was hectic, and overly busy while they were continually exploring, coloring, playing, jumping and running – usually in different directions. Learning has been different since they entered kindergarten.  Connor loved to learn, explore, and try new things when he was in preschool, but that changed when he started school as a kindergartener. He appears to be just like his sister and peers, except that he has a really…

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