Critical Need: Men in Orphan Care – Foster Parents Article

Dad, you are needed in orphan care today more than ever. Men are called to protect and provide for families, and to help father fatherless children. In Deuteronomy 10:18, God set an extraordinary example by “executing justice for the fatherless.” This is the heart of our Father—to father those in need. And little on this earth is more impactful than God-loving men who care for fatherless children. Orphan care, foster care, and adoption efforts suffer without men. Here are 6 thoughts from…

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Reaching the Fatherless Among the Unreached – Foster Parents Article

There are orphans in every country and every people group around the world. The fatherless are in our communities, and the fatherless are often among the unreached.   Who are the unreached? According to the Joshua Project, an unreached people group is one in which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize that people group. Three of the countries in which Lifesong serves are overwhelmingly unreached: Cambodia (*99.3%), India (*96%), and Thailand…

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Air1 and KLOVE Raise a Call for Foster Care & Orphans – Foster Parents Article

This weekend, Air1 and KLOVE took to the air for kids in need of families – highlighting the Bible’s call and how ordinary people can make a difference. You can catch the recording and article now on the KLOVE and Air1 websites:  Foster Dad Says, “You Never Outgrow The Need For A Family.” As the written article describes, “You never outgrow the need for a family.  You may no longer need someone to tie your shoes in the morning, but…

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