Orphan Sunday

So, We Did Orphan Sunday. Now What?! – Foster Parents Article

Orphan Sunday, and its counterpart Stand Sunday are unique opportunities set aside every November for churches around the country – and around the world – to recognize God’s heart for vulnerable and orphaned children and call their people to respond in a variety of ways. While your church may choose to recognize Orphan Sunday on a different date during the year, or perhaps participate in an Orphan Sunday type service or event in a different way, the heart of Orphan…

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High School Tennis, Keeping It Simple and Why You Should Have a Ministry Coach – Foster Parents Article

When I was in high school tennis was my life. I tried football in junior high but quit after the first season. I did not enjoy it all. Aside from getting run over by mammoth 13 year olds twice my size I also suffered from severe asthma – I would literally hide an inhaler in my shoulder pads and pull it out while face down in the grass to sneak a puff or two without anyone noticing. Yep. That was…

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