Kick-Starting My Spring Cleaning & A Simple Fridge Deodorizer Hack – Parenting Twins Article

Life is busy. Life is unpredictable. I cannot control what curveballs will be thrown at me each day, but one thing’s for sure, if my home is in chaos that energy trickles into my work, my parenting and how I care for myself. Keeping a (fairly) clean and organized home is so important.I’ve recently been on a mission to get a head start on my spring cleaning. Every year I have these grand plans of actually completing everything on my…

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Week 2 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Watching… Christopher Robin with Logan, Wyatt & Carly on movie night. It was such a cute movie, I didn’t want to miss a minute. Pooh said so many quotable things!! I absolutely loved it!!  I also watched Birdbox on Netflix this week, with Josh, and it was really good.  Highly recommend both. Undecorating… for the holidays.  I did this slowly, over the course of several days, which is very unlike me, but the boys’ school schedule was weird this year…

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